VINCI Construction Grands Projets Visual Standards

Jincom EHS, the Visual Standards company, is proud to announce the award of

a tender to produce a set of Visual Standards for VINCI Construction Grands Projets in France.

Jincom EHS specialises in simplifying complex HSEQ content through illustration, animation and design and will apply more than a decade of experience to create a set of Visual Standards for VINCI Construction Grands Projets that ensures all levels of their organisation can understand and apply their technical standards quickly and efficiently.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets designs and builds major civil engineering structures and buildings that include transport and mining infrastructure, office and residential buildings, water supplies, power plants, etc.

“We are very pleased to be awarded this work which required a world class level of design thinking,” says Andrew Smith CEO of Jincom EHS.

Standards covered include Access to Site, Working at Height, PPE, Energy, Lifting and rigging and many more. For each technical standard the team at Jincom, including writers, illustrators and designers, come together to find the best and simplest way to visualise the key requirements.

Excerpt from the ‘Working at Height standard

(work in progress):

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